Our FFC Kid's Team has gone online for the time being, in response to COVID-19. But don't worry! We have a ton of fun activities planned for FFC Kids throughout the week, as well as service on the weekend - all online! You can access all of the awesome material that you'd find at FFC right here including worship songs, animated bible lessons, and more fun! 


Watch the video together.

Included are worship songs, animated Bible stories and teachings and explanations of the Bible story.

Use the Discussion Questions to guide your conversation.

Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.



I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Father and Older Brother)
Luke 15:21-32
When you don’t forgive, you miss out.

1. How did the father react when his son returned?
(Answer: He forgave him and threw a huge party to celebrate his son’s return.)

2. Where was the older brother when the younger son returned?
(Answer: Working in the field)

3. How did the older brother react when he found out that the party was for his
younger brother who’d returned home?(Answer: He was angry)

4. What did the older brother say to the father?
(Answer: “All these years I have worked, I’ve obeyed. You’ve never thrown me a party.”)

5. Why do you think the older brother was SO mad? Can you relate to this?

6. Why do you think the father celebrated in such a big way?



Love One Another
John 13:34-35
I can follow Jesus.

1. Who can you follow? (Answer: I can follow Jesus.)

2. Practice the memory verse. “‘Come and follow me,’ Jesus said.” Matthew 4:19

3. What is a special way you can follow Jesus? (Answer: We can love each other!)

4. Take some time this week to read John 13:34-35.

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